Friday, February 5, 2010

A little less noise, please.

If you work in big corporate America, like I somehow find myself these days, then the server hosting your Git depot has a really annoying /etc/issue file, which you see every time you clone/push/pull/fetch. In my case, it's 20+ lines of noise.

Finally found the magic to suppress the issue. Put the following lines in your ~/ssh/config file.
Host git-depot-server
LogLevel ERROR
Enjoy :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

IDEA + git, without the passwords

Git is my new favorite in source control. IntelliJ IDEA has long been my favorite IDE.

A nuisance lately has been IDEA prompting me for my SSH key password every time I Commit and Push. Since forever, Ubuntu has added my key to ssh-agent every time I login, giving me both good security and password-less pushing from the command line.

I finally found the config tweak to push from IntelliJ without the prompt.
Settings-->Version Control-->VCSs-->Git
SSH Executable: Native

By using the native SSH client, you take advantage of native key management, like ssh-agent.